Understanding Asian Rhinoplasty & How It Can Improve Your Nose

Asian woman wanting a rhinoplasty for her flat nose (model)

If you are of Asian descent and considering a nose job, you should know that the goal of Asian rhinoplasty is to refine your nose without losing your ethnic appearance. What are common fixes with Asian rhinoplasty? Typically, Asian men and women are concerned with certain aspects of their noses, such as a flat bridge, wide nostrils, and bulbous tip. I have helped many men and women achieve their dream noses while keeping their ethnic profile intact with an Asian rhinoplasty procedure at my San Francisco plastic surgery practice.

The term “Asian rhinoplasty” can be a little confusing so let’s discuss what the procedure can do.

What Can Asian Rhinoplasty Fix?

Asian men and women seek this procedure to improve the following concerns.

Flat Bridge

Asian noses tend to have a flatter bridge, which is not in harmony with their other features. With this procedure, you can elevate the bridge so it’s more angular and will fit your facial structure. An additional advantage when elevating the nasal bridge is that your eyes may appear closer together.

Bulbous Tip

If you have a bulky or rounded nasal tip, it could be due to weak cartilage in that area. A bulbous nasal tip may cause you to feel less confident, and you may wish for a more elegant nasal tip. If this is the case, I can increase your nasal tip’s projection so it will appear sharper and more defined.

Rounded Nostrils

Another common concern for my Asian patients is a nose with nostrils that are very round or flared. The good news is if you have already improved the bridge and tip, your nostrils can look narrower and smaller. However, if you want further improvement to the nostrils, minor skin removal in the area can make the nostrils appear smaller.

Deviated Septum

If you have trouble due to a deviated septum, you can choose to combine your Asian nose job with a septoplasty, also available at my practice. During this procedure, I work on straightening the bone and cartilage separating your nostrils so you can breathe freely. You can combine this procedure with your rhinoplasty or have the procedure separately.

Long, Prominent Nose

Some patients feel their noses are too large or obtrusive, making them out of balance with the rest of their features. With small structural changes to the length and width, I can create a smaller, more feminine nose.

Whatever your concerns about your nose, it’s important to discuss your goals and expectations with your plastic surgeon so you will be satisfied with your rhinoplasty results.

Deciding to get Asian rhinoplasty is an emotional and impactful decision for some. You need an experienced plastic surgeon by your side to offer realistic expectations, extensive surgical skills, and emotional support. Take a look at what we have been able to achieve for Asian men and women in our before and after gallery. If you are ready to start your journey, request a consultation or call us at  (415) 441-1888 to schedule an appointment

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