Fall Is the Time for Facelift

Learn why Fall is the perfect time for a facelift in San Francisco.

To everything, there is a season… and fall just might be the season of facial rejuvenation. Autumn often brings my San Francisco practice a surge in facelift patients — and it’s because it’s a convenient time for patients to take a bit of time for themselves.

Recovery Time

Whether you have children at home or your nest is empty, fall tends to move a bit slower compared to summer’s vacations, family visits, and special events. That also makes it a better time to rest and recuperate, undisturbed, at home. Best of all, you’ll likely be fully recovered by the time the holiday season rolls around. Just make sure you’re ready for the compliments at those wintertime parties and social events.

Less Sun Exposure

Too much sun exposure isn’t something that springs to mind for Bay Area residents, of course. But when summer gives way to fall, those foggy, overcast days become even more reliably predictable. This can work to your advantage if you’re considering facelift surgery.

During the recuperation period, you’ll need to avoid exposing your incisions (placed around you ears and behind your hairline) to sunlight. This reduces the risk of excessive scarring. It’s much easier to keep them hidden under hats, scarves, and hoods when the weather is cool and the sun isn’t as intense.

New year, new you

It may be a cliché, but the new year is always a milestone for rejuvenation and renewal. A procedure in the fall means you’ll be almost fully healed by the New Year. Why not be ready for 2017 with a revitalized face? Facelift surgery doesn’t stop time, of course, but it can help turn the clock back and keep you looking as young as you feel for many years to come.

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