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Welcome to the plastic surgery practice of Dr. Albert W. Chow, with offices located in San Francisco.

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We do a myriad of plastic surgery from traditional plastic surgery to the minimally invasive surgery and also adjunctive treatments including skin care products, laser treatment, IPO treatments and others including Botox, Restylane fillers, facial fillers and other treatments. Our location is in San Francisco and also in Davis, California, just right outside of Sacramento. In both locations, we see patients in consultation, but in San Francisco it is a full-service office in which we have a freestanding surgery center, which is fully accredited by the AAAHC, which is the level accreditation we can obtain for an outpatient surgery center. My philosophy in my office here is to provide my patients the most natural-appearing results. This is from getting a good consultation with them, meaning, we talk and communicate, and I understand what they want and they understand what can be done. I think the most important thing is communication and through that is there are means of getting that natural result using the techniques available to you.

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