Breast Procedures

Breast Surgery

For many women, the size and shape of their breasts plays an important role in how they perceive themselves. Women who are dissatisfied with their breasts often feel self-conscious and even depressed about their appearance. For patients who wish to alter the size, shape, or firmness of their breasts, Dr. Albert Chow offers a variety of breast surgery procedures.  our ultimate aim is to lend balance and harmony to each patient’s body. By combining a refined artistic perspective with his experience and surgical skill,
Dr. Chow is able to achieve breast surgery results that are consistently subtle and look natural.

Breast Enhancement

Using the latest implants, Dr. Chow can perform breast enhancement surgery to produce amazingly realistic augmented breasts. Breast implants can be an invaluable source of improved self-esteem for women who are troubled by the size or shape of their breasts. Through discreetly located incisions, Dr. Chow can insert saline or silicone implants that look and feel as authentic as possible.

Breast Lift Surgery

For those women who wish to restore firmness to their breasts, Dr. Chow offers the option of breast lift surgery. A breast lift can help to compensate for the effects of time, gravity, pregnancy, changes in weight, and other factors that cause a woman’s breasts to lose their youthful shape and elasticity.

Breast Reduction Surgery/Nipple Reduction

Often, women with disproportionately large breasts suffer from a variety of physical ailments in addition to whatever self-consciousness or embarrassment they might feel regarding their appearance. For these women, breast reduction surgery is often a suitable option. In addition, Dr. Chow can perform nipple reduction for women with uncommonly large nipples as well as correction of inverted nipples either as an individual procedure or in conjunction with breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

Aside from being a very experienced plastic surgeon capable of beautiful, natural results, Dr. Chow is a compassionate surgeon who understands how important appearance is to a patient’s self-esteem. If you are in search of an accomplished, experienced, and caring breast reconstruction surgeon for post-cancer reconstructive surgery, Please contact our office today to schedule you initial consultation.

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