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Jul 20

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is a fine way to address a number of different issues with facial aesthetics. By undergoing this surgery, you can look years and years younger.

Jul 10

You might be a good candidate for a facelift if deep facial folds and loose, sagging skin are making you look older than you really are.

Jul 1

Stomach liposuction can improve your body's shape by removing the small bulges of fat that diet and exercise won't budge.

Jun 22

Breast lift surgery can make a major difference with your overall appearance. Different incision methods can be used to achieve these results.

Jun 10

A browlift addresses creases and loose skin on the forehead and between the eyes. Upper eyelid surgery reduces puffiness and lifts sagging eyelids.

Jun 1

Plastic surgeon Albert W. Chow discusses the benefits of liposuction compression garments in post-surgical healing.

May 21

Plastic surgeon Albert W. Chow explains the role of surgical drains following tummy tuck surgery, and how they should be properly cared for.

May 10

The coronal brow lift refers to a traditional surgical method for reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Read on to learn more about this particular method of doing surgery.

May 1

Ear pinning can make a major difference for patients who have large ears or ears that are too prominent. Read on to learn more about the basics of this surgery.

Apr 22

Revision eyelid surgery is performed in order to improve the results of a poorly performed blepharoplasty. Read on to learn more about these kinds of surgical treatments.

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