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Aug 8

Posted on August 8, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

When recovering from breast lift surgery, there is plenty a patient can do to reduce the severity of side effects and prevent complications.

Jul 28

Posted on July 28, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

Pre-op liposuction instructions will help ensure the best results possible, reducing healing time while preventing serious side effects and complications.

Jul 7

Posted on July 7, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

The side effects of rhinoplasty (nose job) include bruising, swelling, soreness and discomfort, and tingling or sensitivity of the nose.

Jun 27

Posted on June 27, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

Learn how you can help to ensure that you are pleased with the results of your rhinoplasty, and how long it will take to achieve optimal results.

Jun 8

Posted on June 8, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

Ideal candidates for rhinoplasty have issues with the shape and appearance of their nose. A nose job can also address deviated septum and other respiratory issues.

May 28

Posted on May 28, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

The success of any plastic surgery procedure depends on patients following pre-op instructions to the letter, and rhinoplasty is no exception.

May 8

Posted on May 8, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

Jowls can be treated through the use of dermal fillers or facial plastic surgery procedures such as the lower facelift.

Apr 28

Posted on April 28, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

Candidates for breast lift surgery are women whose bustlines droop or sag as a result of pregnancy/childbirth, weight loss, or aging.

Apr 10

Posted on April 10, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

If the results of a previous rhinoplasty procedure are unsatisfactory, Dr. Albert W. Chow can perform revision rhinoplasty.

Mar 30

Posted on March 30, 2015 — by Dr. Chow

Dr. Albert W. Chow is happy to discuss with patients the various treatments available to reduce or eliminate crow’s feet.

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